"It's both an ancient and a very modern tale -- a wandering evangelist comes to town and challenges local people with his words and his being. As with Robert Duvall's The Apostle, The Jesus Guy artfully takes us below the surface to explore what makes this charismatic preacher tick and why people react to him the way they do. Even non-religious viewers will be intrigued by these dramatic and intimate encounters."

- Fred Mogul
Fred's NY Public Radio Page
W N Y C -- New York Public Radio Reporter and former TIME magazine reporter who wrote a feature article on The Jesus Guy

"This is an enthralling subject and story. The intimacy and authenticity of The Jesus Guy's cinematography is bewitching and refreshing. You feel like you're right there with this unusual man as his life is unfolding."

- Bill Butler, ASC
ASC Bio | imdb Bio
Academy Award and Emmy Winning Cinematographer of Jaws, Grease, Rocky I, II, & IV, One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest, and Biloxi Blues

"Once you've seen The Jesus Guy in this film, he'll stay in your mind forever. Unforgettable. Absolutely unforgettable."

- Albert Maysles
Awarded by the National Society of Film Critics, International Documentary Asociation and Sundance Film Festival for his documentaries.

"It's gotta be rough making a documentary on someone who refuses to give any personal details about himself... but when it is all said and understand that he's not a dangerous wacko."

- Eric Campos
Contributing Editor for Film Threat

"Make no mistake, the title subject of this film does not think he's Jesus. We see him praised, and we see him criticized. But most importantly, we see that he's human."

- Jay Cheel
Film Critic for The Documentary Blog Threat

"As a new filmmaker, I believe Sean Tracey has a promising career. I believe he successfully captured the man named 'What's Your Name?' who the film refers to as 'The Jesus Guy.' For each situation that you acknowledge that 'What's Your Name?' is only spreading the word of God, you also notice his serious character flaws. The director's inclusion of the lady named Mary opens the film up for discussion that only 'What's Your Name?' and Mary know the answers."

- Craig Prater
President of Camelot Event Management and Former Director of the Palm Springs International Film Festival and Thailand Film Festival

"...I couldn't find the little man behind the curtain no matter how hard Toto kept barking. The beautiful thing about this doc is that you want this guy 'What's Your Name?' to turn water into wine, even though, by his own constant clarification, he's not the Messiah. Darn."

- Alan Hunter
Co-Founder/President of the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival,
President of Hunter Films and Host of the '80's Channel on Sirius Satellite Radio

"The Jesus Guy is a small masterpiece. There's a great flow...this preacher captivates many, young and old and turns off others, much as Jesus did. The documentary is balanced and open-minded; the viewer can decide what to take and what to leave."

- Cate McMahon
Editor of NH Episcopal Life, a Diocesan Edition of episcopal life.

" holds more humanity in its brief time onscreen than all the "big" films running at the
Megaplex...It is a delicate balancing act performed to perfection.

– Dennis Robinson

"What at first glance looks like little more than a novelty piece turns out to be a
challenging profile of a confounding individual...which is why it sticks so well.

– Warren Curry
Entertainment Insiders

"...The Jesus Guy is a very good example of what a filmmaker can do with an interesting
subject and a commitment to objectivity, making the film well worth any viewer's time."

– Ben Saylor
Cinema Verdict

"The Jesus Guy is an amazing little film that explores the meaning of faith and
commitment ...The film is shot wonderfully.  Sean Tracey in his first feature has proven
that he is one to watch out for in the future ... It is a fascinating 63 minutes, that truly
captures a unique individual.

– Shane Morton
Indie Express

"In The Jesus Guy, Tracey maintains an objective eye to follow What's Your Name? as
he encounters believers and non-believers alike. The film has garnered praise from film
festivals around the country...

– Melissa Rose Kimbler
Movie Maker Magazine


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