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He looks like Jesus Christ. And preaches like St. Francis of Assisi. Some say he’s “a kook.” Others, “a blessing from God.”  Barefoot, and clad in a white robe, he’s walked through 47 states [and 13 countries] on a 16-year mission that’s captured media attention from 20/20, Time and the Wall Street Journal. Yet who is this solitary figure who inspires faith – and attracts controversy?

The Jesus Guy covers the mystical journey of America’s “Barefoot Evangelist.” In a nation that worships money, he’s penniless. In a culture that idolizes celebrities, he’s forsaken his identity. Now, on a spiritual quest even he doesn’t fully understand, his faith – and your own – will be tested every step of the way.  With the intimacy of single-camera filmmaking, Director Sean Tracey allows us to walk in “The Jesus Guy’s” steps as he encounters both skeptics and believers, changing them…for better, for worse, forever.


                ColumbiaConnecticutLos AngelesOzark

"Once you've seen The Jesus Guy in this film, he'll stay in your mind forever. Unforgettable. Absolutely unforgettable." - Albert Maysles

Awarded by the National Society of Film Critics, International Documentary Asociation and Sundance Film Festival for his documentaries.

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